Spokane County Democrats

Fuel the Persistance

Productive Action: Economic Stability and Health Care for All!


If this last year taught us anything, our vote matters.  From healthcare, to the economy, to being proactive, we have lots of work to do.  Do you think Donald Trump and Cathy McMorris Rodgers are going to help?  It is up to us to PERSIST.  It is up to us to protect the progress we are making and  work towards greater economic and social equality.  Join the team and let's get this done.

From Spokane County to Olympia and all the way to Washington D.C. we must make our voices heard.  Join us as we Resist, Insist, Persist AND Enlist. YOU ARE THE PERSON WE NEED!

Please make your voice heard. Give what you can and add your name to the cause. Thank you!



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Persist, Insist, Resist and Enlist!
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