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Thank you for attempting to generously contribute to Seattle Subway! Our contributions have gone a long way to help us in our education and outreach efforts. Seattle Subway is an all-volunteer organization that is working to create a community of grassroots transit supporters to engage legislators and channel public enthusiasm for fast, reliable high capacity transit. By championing a vision of a connected city and region, we’re fostering demand to accelerate our region’s transit investments. We are very excited to add you to our growing list of supporters and contributors.

Unfortunately, we're no longer accepting contributions in 2016. We're extremely grateful for your continued support of Seattle Subway and please come back in 2017 to help us with our continued efforts to build subways faster and better in 2017!

Seattle Subway is a Washington State Non-profit Corporation and an IRC 501(c)(4) tax exempt organization. Contributions to Seattle Subway are not tax deductible

If you'd like to make a contribution that is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law immediately, please visit the contribution page for our friends at Seattle Subway Foundation.

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