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Join the Spokane Democrats as a Sustaining Member! Why?

A Blue Wave is coming...Spokane is your volunteer based office and sustained by local contributions - that is what keeps our organization active.  As a Sustaining Member of the Spokane County Democrats you will be helping our local presence so we can support and grow the grassroots effort in this County.  Would you help with a monthly contribution to help sustain our yearly operating budget?

As donations increase so does our continued support of local issues, more donations means we can reach more people. Yearly we outreach to register and educate voters, and continually strive to help the needs of Spokane County.  Volunteers are also a key piece of this endeavor. Call to arrange a tour and introduction to what project we are working on now and see if you would like to be more involved.


Funds received help to maintain and financially support the local office covering monthly operating expenditures and outreach efforts. We are local and funds stay local.


We receive DAILY -  50 or more contacts thru *social media, *walk in service, *direct calls, *mail and *emails for information on voting, literature, contacting elected representatives, registering voters, vetting candidates and issues, and watch for and respond to community needs. During campaign season that increases to 100+ daily.  

Important too, we house the County Central Committee. These members who vote on policy for Democratic issues and then bring it to the State Party which then votes at the National level.  You elect, in each of the Spokane County's 362 Precincts Legislative Districts, the Committee Officers i.e. neighborhood leaders. 

And here at SCDCC, we maintain the organizational aspect of Democrats per State law. Including Quarterly PCO meetings, and all the aspects of election season management.   Again this is a "VOLUNTEER" base, there is no paid staff.


NEW Sustaining Members of the Spokane County Democrats receive - 4 PROGRESSIVE BUTTONS (as seen on our website). Sustaining members also benefit by attending major Party events with a discount and preferred seating! First notification of events and special sign ups.

$13 monthly Governor Member -10% discount on Annual Events*

$21 monthly  House Member - 25% discount on Annual Events*, Program Listing

$42 monthly Senator Member - 50% discount on Annual Events*, Program Listing

$84+ monthly President Member - 100% discount on Annual Events*, Program Listing

            *Annual Events include Thomas S Foley Legacy Dinner and the Great Summer Salmon Feed, Fall fundraising event and year end Thank you Party. Election years discounts to Watch Party.

Please come see us at 1912 N. Division #100  in Teamsters' Hall, Indiana and Division in Spokane, WA.


Edward Wood, Jr., Chair
Spokane County Democrats


"Every dollar helps us insist, persist, enlist and resist."



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