Christine Greig for State Representative

Volunteers were the heart and soul of Christine's winning campaigns in 2014 and 2016.  As our State Representative, Christine has been championing our values and priorities in Lansing.  As the House Democratic Floor Leader, she works with all her democratic colleagues on developing and moving legislation that improves our lives.  She needs our help to continue to fight for our community and our state.

If you can volunteer some time, sign up below — and we’ll get in touch with opportunities for you to keep Christine fighting for us in Lansing!

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Thanks for volunteering your time and talents!  If you have other ideas for our campaign, please share your ideas and questions with us.  You can also email us at

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There are many ways to help get Christine re-elected!  Check all the volunteer opportunities that interest you.  We'll get back to you with details.  Thanks for your help! - Served by NSV11OBWAPI1202