Invest in Oregon

This legislative session marks our best shot in 30 years to pass game-changing investments in Oregon schools. Advocates, homegrown Oregon businesses, and legislators are all at the table working hard and making unprecedented progress. By requiring corporations that currently pay some of the lowest taxes in the country to contribute just a little more to our schools, we can lower class sizes, make sure every student has access to a counselor, and remove barriers to early education. The Joint Committee on Student Success has been hard at work crafting a game-changing revenue package to support Oregon schools.
But for all the new and encouraging work that’s happening this session, not everyone is acting in good faith. Sadly, far-right corporations are back to their obstructionist ways. Oregon Business & Industry (OBI) will say and do anything to ensure they don’t have to pay a penny more to support Oregon students. Just this week, the OBI president called a proposal to make new investments in Oregon schools "too much." Too much?! Clearly, they either don’t know or don’t care about the crisis in Oregon schools.
We can't let corporate lobbyists block new funding for schools. Contact legislative leadership and JCSS members today to urge them to keep pushing for investments in our classrooms. 
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