Preserve Rural Sonoma County

The petition below will be submitted to the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors asking they STOP issuing permits for more and more winery event centers and developments until they pass the Winery Event Ordinance they promised us back in 2016. 

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The rapid expansion of new wineries and tasting rooms, the proliferation of wine-related marketing events, and the accompanying surge in tourism and traffic in Sonoma County have created the need for a Winery Event Ordinance.

  1. Sonoma County's General Plan projected 239 wineries by the year 2020. By 2014, over 439 wineries were approved, far exceeding projections.

  2. In response to impacts to county residents and rural character, the Board of Supervisors began work on an ordinance in 2014.  During 2015, public input was collected from the wine industry, public representatives, and county residents. 

  3. In October 2016, the Board of Supervisors passed a resolution tasking the Permit Department to develop and implement protective guidelines, policies, and standards to address promotional events and over-concentration of wineries in rural areas.

  4. Since that meeting in October 2016, the Board has delayed taking any action to implement an effective and enforceable Winery Event Ordinance.  However, county officials continue to approve new winery and event center use permits, exacerbating the negative cumulative impacts they had committed to address.     

The undersigned requests that Sonoma County Board of Supervisors implement a Winery Event Ordinance with clear standards that is managed and enforced by the appropriate county officials. 
The undersigned also request that approval of all new winery permits and expansions of existing winery permits be immediately put on hold until a Winery Event Ordinance is implemented and enforced. 
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