Maryland Democratic Party

Dear Marylander,

I’m sure you’ve seen the news — Governor Hogan’s office
was caught banning anti-Trump comments and deleting criticism on his official Facebook page.
This is no different than shutting people out of a town hall event. This isn’t an isolated incident. In fact, it’s the same kind of tactic we’re seeing Republicans across the country use to avoid facing the people who put them in office.
If Governor Hogan isn’t going to listen to Marylanders online, then there's only one way to get our message to him: hand-deliver letters to his office. Have questions for Governor Hogan? Want to let him know how you feel about Trump's policies that are harming Marylanders? Want to know what he plans to do to stand up to Trump? Write a letter to Governor Hogan — the party will hand-deliver your letters to Governor Larry Hogan's office.
Friends, the stakes are too high on so many critical issues for us to stay quiet. Our governor needs to know that his constituents are watching and are not pleased - whether it’s censoring his critics or his outright refusal to stand up to the Trump administration's divisive agenda. Help us send that message loud and clear. We want to present the Governor with a HUGE stack of letters from Marylanders.
Address your letter to Governor Hogan:
Write your letter to Governor Hogan:
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