This April, the Supreme Court will hear one of its biggest cases of the decade on whether President Trump's travel ban executive order is constitutional.

Citizens across the country and the world - and not just those in D.C. on argument day - care about the issues raised by the suit, so Fix the Court is urging the justices, via this petition, to provide a live audio stream of oral argument - and not wait until the end of the week to release audio as is the typical practice. It wouldn't be the first time the justices livestreamed audio from the courtroom; they did so for Justice Scalia's memorial in Nov. 2016.

The text of the petition is as follows:

We the undersigned understand that oral argument is but a small portion of how the justices decide each case. Yet it is also one of only a few opportunities for members of the public, no matter where they live, to hear directly from the justices. We believe that should happen at the soonest available moment.

Given the heightened interest in the case and the current technological capabilities of the institution, we believe the court should permit a live audio feed Trump v. Hawaii when it is argued in April.

Please fill out the form below to indicate your support.

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