1000 Friends of Maryland

The 2016 Charles County Comprehensive Plan was passed with overwhelming support from people like yourself. Now we need YOU to support a crucial first step in turning the plan's common-sense vision into a positive reality.

The plan calls for arresting sprawl development with a Watershed Conservation District around Mattawoman Creek and the headwaters of the Port Tobacco. Zoning for lower density in this new district promotes clean water and protects green space, home values, and quality of life. However, the development lobby has publicly testified that it wants to continue rampant growth by replacing the Watershed Conservation District with 17,000 more houses.

Many counties in Maryland have zoning densities as low, or lower, than the Watershed Conservation District, and over larger areas. These counties often allow families an exception to the zoning density if they wish to create new lots for their children. We support this family-friendly addition to the Watershed Conservation District.

Please complete the petition today. Let Charles County's elected and appointed leaders know that you don’t want business as usual: rural landscapes forever lost to subdivisions, overcrowded schools, congested roads, long commutes, higher property taxes, and decreased home values. Let them know that you want to see the common-sense vision for the county's future realized.  


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