Donald Trump has made a lot of reckless, dangerous moves during his time in office, but pulling out of the Paris climate accord is one of his most irresponsible. The window of opportunity to prevent the worst impacts of global warming is closing. But instead of providing American leadership to resolve this global crisis, Trump has positioned the United States as a rogue nation that not only doesn’t care about this grave threat, but is doubling down on fossil fuels in ways that will make it even worse.

This week the House passed the Climate Action Now Act, a bill I’m co-sponsored to prevent the president from leaving the Paris climate agreement and require him to produce an action plan for meeting emissions targets. Our message is clear: America must be a climate leader, not a rogue nation.

Now we need to take this to the Senate. As this next critical vote approaches, please join me in calling on the Senate to pass the Climate Action Now Act.


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