"We have to reduce the influence of money in our politics, so that a handful of families and hidden interests can’t bankroll our elections, and if our existing approach to campaign finance can’t pass muster in the courts, we need to work together to find a real solution." - President Obama, State of the Union Address, 1/13/2015


Dear Mr. President,

In your final State of the Union address, you warned the American people that "democracy breaks down when the average person feels their voice doesn’t matter; that the system is rigged in favor of the rich or the powerful or some narrow interest."

As Americans concerned about the growing influence of big money in politics, we couldn't agree more. Yet until we overturn Supreme Court decisions like Citizens United v. FEC and McCutcheon v. FEC, the ability of corporations, billionaires, and hidden special interests to buy our elections and drown out the voices of everyday Americans will only grow more powerful.

We therefore urge you to join us in support of the Democracy For All Amendment, sponsored by Congressman Ted Deutch in the House (H.J. Res 22) and Senator Mark Udall in the Senate (S.J. Res. 5). 

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