The Ohio Senate seat became an opportunity when the incumbent Rob Portman (R) decided not to run for re-election. By all odds, it typifies the type of state which should elect a Democrat but it is still always a close call and promises to be one yet again. Recent polling has the Republican, J. D. Vance leading Congressman Tim Ryan (D) by either 44-40 or 46-43. In other words, it’s a dead heat. But, the winds are blowing our way and we are hopeful that, with your help, we can claim victory in Ohio and expand the Senate liberal majority. 
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Hillbilly Elegy author J.D. Vance must now be wondering “with friends like these.” The once never-Trumper is now a 24/7 acolyte of the former President but…:  At a recent rally for Vance, to which he wasn’t invited, the former President said, “J.D. is kissing my ass he wants my support so bad.”  Vance describes himself as a “conservative outsider” while surrounding himself with MAGA insiders. He claims America’s leaders have chosen to plunder our nation and allow criminals to proliferate. He condemns those who take a knee in opposition to basic American values (his characterization not ours). He opposes “critical race theory” and “radical gender ideology,” whatever that is. He contends that Black Lives Matter rallies destroyed our towns and cities while promoting a radical agenda. He is proudly 100 % anti-choice and pro-gun. He also strongly favors laws which make it harder for people to vote. When democracy is on the line, he says, “I’ve got to be honest with you. I don’t really care what happen in Ukraine one way or the other.”  
Running against Vance is Representative Tim Ryan (D), first elected to Congress in 2002. He has the backing of Senator Sherrod Brown (D), Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D) and a host of state-level elected officials and all major Labor unions. Early in his career, Ryan voted anti-choice - which helped to bring his lifetime ADA voting record down to 87 percent. Since then, he has listened to women and medical professionals and has voted consistently pro-choice – something we treasure in these perilous times. He is a staunch advocate for marriage equality and fights against discrimination of any kind. Equal pay for equal work is a priority and he is in favor of raising the minimum wage to at least $15/hour. He is a supporter of the Iran nuclear deal. Congressman Ryan is working to expand access to quality, affordable childcare, universal pre-K, and two years of tuition-free community college for any who want it. He believes Medicare should be expanded and that it should be allowed to negotiate prescription drug prices. Another major focus is combating climate change while bringing jobs back to America to meet that goal. He believes that the balance of power needs to tilt back to working people and, therefore, believes that Citizens United must be overturned. He is an original co-sponsor of the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and has called upon the Senate to abolish the filibuster to get the job done. Unlike his opponent, Congressman Ryan does care about what happens in Ukraine saying that Putin is working to undermine democracy in Europe and around the world.
Ryan’s decision to run for the Senate opened the 13th Congressional District seat that encompasses the city of Youngstown and areas east of Akron and should be receptive to a message designed to target heavily unionized workers. Pundits like pollster Nate Cohen and former Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele are, increasingly, predicting that there is a good chance that the House will remain in Democratic control. Ohio's 13th CD could be one of those districts that helps make it happen. Still, it will be a challenge and one we must be ready to meet.  The candidates vying to succeed Ryan are yet another study in stark contrasts. 
The Republican Madison Gesiotto Gilbert received both her undergraduate and law degrees from the Ohio State University. She worked on both of the former Presidents’ campaigns and has served as an ambassador for the America First Policy Institute founded by Trump campaign people and designed to promote his agenda. Although she has never held elective office and is only 30 years old, she is not to be taken lightly. She was a television commentator and the author of a weekly column published in the Washington Times. She touts herself as a “Christian small business owner” and is another of this year’s anti-choice, pro-gun candidates. She supports charter schools and opposes Critical Race Theory. Needless to say, she wants to complete the building of the wall on our southern border. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg
Her Democratic opponent Emilia Sykes is a member of the Ohio  House of Representatives where she has served since 2015 and was Minority Leader. She is a winner of EMILY’s List Gabby Giffords Rising Star award and holds psychology and law degrees. She has worked to protect victims of domestic abuse. Common sense gun control legislation is a priority for her. She has promised to expand opportunities for working Americans including higher wages and safer working conditions. She promises to work for expanded affordable, quality health care for all. She will advocate for an increase in the federal minimum wage and work tirelessly to reverse the Supreme Court’s recent decision on Roe. She will also advocate for expanded access to voting.
It is so essential that this remain a liberal seat in Congress. That is why Ohio is a priority state for Americans for Democratic Action.  We know that victory is possible and, with your help, we can make the dream a reality. 
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