Sign the Ethics Pledge


The central theme of my campaign is One Providence, because I know that our community can come together to solve our city’s challenges. I believe that municipal government can and must play a role in this process, but first, City Hall must prove to our community that it will treat them fairly and that government decisions will be decided strictly on merit.  This is why, as Mayor, I will demand a culture of high ethical standards and transparent decision-making throughout city government.


1.    As a candidate I will not accept campaign contributions from any City employees.


If elected:


2.    I will prohibit municipal judges from donating to mayoral and City Council campaigns.

3.    I will end the culture of preferential treatment based on family, political, or business ties.

4.    I will create a watchdog commission to ensure that no city contracts, tax breaks, promotions or special services are awarded because of campaign contributions, gifts, favors, or bribes to those in office.

5.    I will implement new training programs for all employees to ensure that they know how to avoid conflicts of interest and activities that are prohibited under the Code of Ethics.


Please add your name now if you agree that clean government should be a top priority in the Providence mayoral race. You can read the full pledge here.


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