Amanda for Texas

Amanda Edwards is a native Texan, millennial, and an At-Large Houston City Council Member serving 2.3 million constituents. An accomplished attorney and an energetic community advocate, Amanda is uniquely positioned as a Texas Democrat who can win statewide. But she needs your help!

We need to keep the momentum of 2018's "Year of the Woman" going! That's why we started Women for Amanda. With the help of women from all over Texas and the U.S., we can pave a path to the Senate and bring Amanda's vision of servant leadership to DC. But not without you!

Women for Amanda was formed as organizing group to get the word out about our people-powered movement fighting to bring transformative change to Texas. Women for Amanda team members engage voters at the grassroots level both online and offline to make sure we have a strong presence across Texas. We need as many volunteers as possible to help us get the message out through engagement, visibility, fundraising and mobilization. Join the growing coalition of women making change across America and help Amanda go to DC!

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