Today’s Spotlight is another reprise because it is an important one. In October when we first wrote about the battle for Nevada’s Senate seat, we knew there was the potential for a problem. Now, with the Nevada Senate primaries behind us and with the incumbent Senator Catherine Cortez Masto widely mentioned as the Senate’s most vulnerable incumbent Senator, we know just how vital our attention and support are.
Cortez Masto succeeded Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) when she was elected with only 47 percent of the vote in 2016. Since then, she has earned a 93 percent ADA voting record. In the face of ever increasing pressure, she has stood up for principle and never wavered. She is the first Latina elected to the Senate and has never forgotten her working class background. She advocates for Dreamers and works for comprehensive immigration reform which includes a pathway to citizenship for them. Her background as a civil attorney in Las Vegas, a federal criminal prosecutor and a state attorney general has given her a unique picture of the needs for both the law enforcement community and for those who demand fair and equitable law enforcement. As her state is devastated by drought and wildfires, she sees the urgent need to address climate change. She supports increased funding for growth in green jobs, cutting greenhouse gas emissions and expanding reliance on solar energy. She wants to expand Obamacare; has voted to increase the minimum wage; and is pro-choice. She supports LGBTQ+ rights including same sex marriage. And, her support for sensible gun control has earned her the wrath of the National Rifle Association. She serves on the Senate Committees on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs; Energy and Natural Resources; Rules and Administration; Commerce, Science and Transportation; Indian Affairs; and the Special Committee on Aging.
Opposing her will be another former state attorney general Adam Laxalt whose surname is revered in Nevada. His father is former New Mexico Senator Pete Domenici (R) so he comes from an exalted very conservative background. Laxalt has been endorsed by the former President (we don’t mean Obama) whose photo is front and center on his campaign website. He is another of the anti-choice, pro-gun advocates proudly touting his belief that sensible gun control laws are unconstitutional. He supports concealed care reciprocity legislation. He opposes HR1, the For the People Act, and other efforts to expand ballot access. He opposes sanctuary cities and wants to continue Trump’s immigration policies. In other words, he is the antithesis of Cortez Masto and needs to be defeated.
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