What should you support and why?

LCN grew out of the work of organizers, educators, and researchers who were adapting, developing, and extending the work of Professor Marshall Ganz. It started out small, with a committed group of organizers who wanted to create more opportunities for people trained in this organizing framework to connect, learn, collaborate, innovate and stand together.
Today, LCN is a global nonprofit registered in the USA. It brings together leaders, activists and organizers from all over the world around shared values rooted in democracy, social justice, human rights, moral courage, resilience, leadership and stewardship. For many years LCN was recognized as a global community providing its people with spaces and tools for supporting one another, learning together, building moral courage and resilience.
Three programs form the core of our work:
  1-  Home Base for Community Organizing - LCN offers online trainings, workshops & deep dives on leadership and organizing for both beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. It also offers learning sessions to develop and enhance the teaching of organizing, the curriculum and the organizing methodology itself - drawing on latest practices, case studies, and research.
  2-  LCN Community in Action - LCN motivates its members and provides scaffolding for them to take initiative in organizing smaller group meetings to further discuss topics relevant to them, to plan actions together towards achieving and amplifying their impact in their causes and to coach one another around challenges faced on the ground.
   3- LCN Forum - LCN hosts a speaker series, panel discussions, and presentations to capture and share the latest advancements in the field of organizing as well as the latest trends and developments in research and theory.
Finally, once a year a Global Gathering is organized. It is an in-person event where LCN members come together to celebrate the previous year’s efforts, learn from it and launch next year’s work.
While LCN will soon collect membership dues, and events fees, these form a small percentage of its budget. The largest contributions come from individual donors and foundations.
Your contribution will go towards expanding our programmatic work to best fit the need of our members and leaders building people power to make positive change in the world.

On behalf of all members and supporters, we THANK YOU for investing in us.
Thank you!

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