Anyone can become a member of the 43rd District Democrats. Being a member of our organization means you have:

To be a voting member, a member: a) is a registered voter, or if not of voting age, eligible to vote within two years; b) resides within the 43rd Legislative District; c) is a declared Democrat, and; d) is a PCO or has paid current dues. New members are eligible to vote ten (10) days after paying dues; persons who were voting members during the previous calendar year may renew and vote immediately.

If you do not meet the requirements of a voting member, you can still be a non-voting member. A non-voting member is one who (a) declares himself or herself to be a Democrat and (b) has paid applicable dues but is either not a registered voter or does not reside within the 43rd Legislative District. Non-voting Members may participate in Meetings and other 43rd District events but do not have the right to vote on any matter.

Article Two of our bylaws has additional information about membership.

You can become a member by making a payment at one of the levels of annual membership dues.

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