Raúl Torrez is ready to be our next Attorney General. Born and raised here in New Mexico, Raúl went on to serve as a federal prosecutor and senior advisor in President Barack Obama’s Department of Justice, where he fought to reduce border violence, crack down on drug cartels, and reduce violent crime and domestic abuse in Indian Country.

As Bernalillo County District Attorney, Raúl has been a national leader for innovative “smart on crime” policies. He was sworn in during a crime crisis and has brought new ideas, and energy, to the office while working across the political spectrum to help protect New Mexico families and businesses.

Raúl is working to implement new technologies and strategies to combat violent crime, prioritize alternatives to incarceration for non-violent offenders, and put victims first with compassion and new resources to help families through the most difficult times.

Raúl has taken on right-wing militias, stood up for common sense gun safety laws, tackled the rape kit backlog and prosecuted violent crime, child abuse, and fraud. He is also recognized as a national leader for reform, being one of the first prosecutors in America to make information about police misconduct available to the public, and piloting a program to provide full transparency about the demographic outcomes in our criminal justice system.

Raúl works every day to protect New Mexico’s families and he knows the job is never done.

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