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A "Player" is what we call our monthly members. They are the cornerstone to helping us become a more sustainable organization and allow us to build to last. People give at all levels; whether it's $5 or $500, you're a Player.

Why Are Players SO Important?

  • It helps us build to last. Players help us predict our revenue each month so that we can plan for the long-haul. The more Players we have, the more full time staff and long-term programs we can have.
  • It's a way that all of us can give. Most of us can't write the big checks for political candidates, campaigns, or causes. But, people of all means can afford to give a small amount each month.
  • We'll always be here. Our Players ensure that they will always have an organization that speaks for the interests of young people in Colorado. Even if the big donors decide that young people and politics don't matter anymore, we'll still have an organization.


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