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Fight the Veto - Override it for Better Transit

Unbelievable!  Governor Hogan vetoed House Bill 1010, which created a board to oversee the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) and required the creation of a strategic plan for the transit system.  Please contact Senate President Mike Miller and House Speaker Michael Busch and ask them to override the veto!

We have one of the few transit systems lacking an oversight board and it shows. And unacceptably there is also no strategic plan to meet current and future needs of transit riders.

There are so many stories of busses that don’t show up, trains that are overcrowded, and vast communities without connections to jobs, school and health care.  We need a better system. 

Creating a robust oversight board is one step toward making MTA more effective and responsive.  Ask Senate President Miller and House Speaker Busch to overridge the veto because we need more oversight for the MTA and  a greatly improved transit experience across Maryland.

For more information on the bill click here.  Click these links to see what the Baltimore Sun's coverage and editorial.

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