Nadler for Congress

Sign your name below and express your disappointment with the Supreme Court's decision and to support legislation that will undo this dangerous and reckless ruling.

The Supreme Court has announced a ruling in the Hobby Lobby case that will permit employers to interfere with their female employees' reproductive health and freedom. The Supreme Court, in a majority decision issued by five male Justices, upheld employers' ability to use the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) of 1993 in a completely unintended fashion: allowing corporations to deny women their basic access to reproductive health care.

I am extremely disappointed with this decision. As you may have seen, I will work with my colleagues in Congress to introduce legislation as soon as possible that will ensure that corporate employers will not be able to interfere with a woman's access to basic contraception.

Join me in calling for action today. Sign my petition and spread the word.

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