We are not normally fear-mongers but we will admit we are genuinely worried. With inflation at record highs, we are very concerned that voters, understandably, will not vote for the greater good but, instead, for what they perceive as their own economic self-interest. We truly believe that the fate of our democracy may be at stake but we know that, with your help, we are up to the challenge. That is why we are bringing you these weekly election Spotlights.
And, that is why, today, we are turning our attention back to New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District which covers most of southern New Mexico. There, first term incumbent Yvettee Herrell (R) is facing a stiff challenge from Gabriel Vasquez (D). A member of the Cherokee nation, Herrell is a former real estate broker who served 4 terms in the New Mexico House. She is currently the only Republican in the New Mexico Congressional delegation. She is yet another of the anti-choice, pro-gun crowd and was the main sponsor of a bill to grant Canadian truckers protesting vaccine mandates temporary political asylum. She wants to strengthen our southern border by completing the former President’s ill-fated wall. She voted against the Build Back Better bill and opposes the Green New Deal and the Affordable Care Act. Her views on the Constitution are downright frightening:  She says the 2nd Amendment is “a protection of a God given right.” And, goes even further stating, “The Constitution of the United States of America is not a living or changing document…” We hesitate to point out that, if it hadn’t changed, she would not be in Congress. She serves on the Committees on Natural Resources and Oversight and Reform and is a member of the Freedom Caucus.
Gabriel Vasquez (D) is working to ensure that Herrell is a one-term Member of Congress. He is a former businessman, who worked on the staff of New Mexico Senator Martin Heinrich (D). He was executive director of the Las Cruces Hispano Chamber of Congress and currently serves on the Las Cruces City Council. Unlike his opponent who is a proponent of the “Big Lie” election fraud hoax, Vasquez will work to expand the right to vote in free and fair elections. He sees the virtue of cross-border connections to support businesses and families in New Mexico. He is pro-choice and promises to work to lower the cost of prescription drugs while expanding quality, affordable health care for all. He has worked for the conservation of public lands and to combat climate change. He wants to expand economic opportunity in part by reforming the tax code so it benefits hard-working families and not just millionaires. In brief, the differences between the two candidates could not be more stark.
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