This week, we focus our attention again on Ohio – particularly on Ohio’s newly mapped 9th Congressional District. Normally, the GOP candidate running in the district is one we would laugh off as a joke but these are far from normal times. This is no joke particularly as the multiple evils of redistricting, inflation and the former President’s MAGA movement rear their ugly heads. Sadly, we must take every battle seriously and none more so than this one pitting ardent Trump supporter J.R. Majewski against long-time incumbent Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH).
Majewski participated in the January 6th riot and frequently quotes, shares and praises QAnon rhetoric. The Air Force veteran has appeared in a since-deleted tweet with his head photoshopped onto one of the founding fathers with the caption, “It’s going down on 1/6.” During the 2020 campaign, he painted his front lawn to say Trump 2020 with a “Q” replacing the zeroes even though he now denies being a QAnon supporter. We have our doubts especially since he tweeted the QAnon hashtag #WWGIWAG which apparently stands for “Where we go one, we all go” more than 50 times. There appear to be multiple other occasions on which he has tweeted replacing the letter “O” with a “Q.” His campaign website is a revelation starting with the lead, “Fighting to Restore American Liberty. With God all things are possible.” He quotes Ron Paul and features photos of himself with Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) and Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) whom he characterizes as “…one of my favorite Congressmen…”  Majewski calls himself a “Rush baby” who believes in America First, Limited Government, Supply Side Economics and other catch phrases for extremists. He says he will, “…fight against the perpetuation of communist propaganda intended to divide the trust between the general public and our men and women of law enforcement.” He says he will support our troops at all times and without question. My Lai? we ask. He is rabidly anti-choice and say his NRA rating is AQ. As we said, this is no joke.
Majewski is running to unseat long-time Democratic Member of Congress Marcy Kaptur in a campaign we have to assume will be rife with vitriol, misogyny and misrepresentation. Kaptur, first elected in 1982, has long supported ADA’s organizing efforts and is a close ally and friend so it is not surprising that , despite her 2020 victory with 63 percent of the vote, she is a top GOP target in a newly-reconfigured district which is decidedly more conservative. Kaptur’s record in Congress is exemplary. She helped lead the opposition to NAFTA and fast track authority. She is an advocate for sustainable, clean energy both for environmental and job creation reasons. She is a strong supporter of organized Labor and small businesses and opposed bank bailouts. She believes neither big money nor Right-wing politicians, but voters should determine the outcome of elections. As such, she is an advocate for campaign finance reform and a staunch supporter of the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. Support of the Affordable Care Act and its expansion are top priorities as well. In Congress, she is a member of the Progressive Caucus and serves on the House Committee on Appropriations and some of its most important subcommittees. She is fifth in line for House seniority and her wisdom and expertise are true assets for liberals everywhere.
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