Black Teacher Project

We need your support!

“I am amazed and overjoyed by the representation of Black Excellence in this room. I don’t feel alone anymore. Although I may physically be the ‘only one’ in many of my professional settings, I have a whole army of soldiers fighting a similar fight.” — Attendee at our Black Teacher Leadership and Sustainability Institute, June 2016


This school year we have released a full slate of programming that offers Black teachers the tools to make permanent and lasting change in the lives of their students and their communities.


Please join us in lifting up Black teachers by making a tax-deductible contribution to our efforts.


*$50 supports one Rejuvenation Space

*$100 sponsors two teachers to participate in a book study on pedagogy

*$150 provides facilitators for a Peer Support space

*$250 gives us one month of data collection from our resource consultants

*$300 enables a scholarship to our BTLSI

*$500 allows for a videographer for a Black teacher spring community share out

*Other amount: $____

*We also will accept frequent flyer miles to send teachers to conferences where they can learn and then share with other Black teachers

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